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Prepare For Safety: How To Get A Trailer Ready And Load A Vehicle

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Transporting an automobile via car hauler is not a task to take lightly. Improperly loaded cars, trucks and other light vehicles can cause accidents that lead to property damage and serious injury or death. Even the act of loading must be done with safety as a first priority. Below are some guidelines for preparing a trailer and safely loading a vehicle on to the trailer: Prepare the trailer Before doing anything else, you need to make sure your trailer is set up and ready for loading and towing. Rushing the process of loading your vehicle increases the risk you will forget a critical step. The items below are the most important for preparing a trailer from a safety perspective: Attach the coupler to the ball The trailer is attached to the towing vehicle by a coupler that lies at...

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Tips To Avoid Deer Collisions

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If you have recently hit a deer with your car, then it is in your best interest to work with a collision repair expert so your car can be fixed. Collision repair involves a complete inspection of your car so that noticeable and hidden damage can be assessed and fixed. The automotive fixes are necessary if you want your car to be restored to its original condition. Once the repairs are completed, make sure you do not hit a deer again. You will need to understand deer and their behaviors to do this. Keep reading to find out about these behaviors and how you can avoid accidents. Deer Travel During Mating Season Many people believe that deer dart out into roads when hunting season starts, because they are startled by the gunshots. This is not the most significant reason...

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Everything You’ve Ever Wanted To Know About Changing Diesel Fuel Filters

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In most cases, diesel vehicles have 2 fuel filters. The primary filter is located between the engine and the fuel tank. Its job is to clean the fuel before it reaches the fuel transfer pump. The other fuel filter is located closer to the engine and gives the fuel one final cleaning before it enters the fuel injectors. These filters keep your diesel vehicle running at top performance levels by collecting debris and preventing sludge buildup in the engine. Clean fuel also means improved gas mileage. Keep reading to learn more about diesel fuel filters and how to change them: What Does A Fuel Filter Do? Fuel filters clean the gas flowing through the engine to make it as clean as possible before entering the fuel injectors. The cleaner the gas is, the better your vehicle will run and...

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4 Easy & Creative Ways To Repurpose Old Tires

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Old tires have many uses. The recycled rubber is often melted down to make products such as rubber roofing shingles, and other items we use from time to time. However, with a little creativity, you can repurpose your tires and create many new things around your home. Here are some amazing uses for old tires. Toy Box If you’re tired of paying high prices for small toy boxes, you can make your own with a couple of old tires. All you need is: 2 old tires 2 circular pieces of wood (large enough to cover the tires) 1 handle 4 furniture casters (optional) Paint (optional) If you want to paint the wheels to match your child’s color scheme, do the painting first. Once they’re painted and dry, you can put them together. If you want your toy box to...

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3 Things To Expect From Future Semi Trucks

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Business owners everywhere rely heavily on semi trucks to help them to deliver their goods to customers around the country. However, it can be nerve-wracking and expensive to send a fleet of trucks out into the world. Semi accidents, driver complaints, and the cost of gas are enough to make any executive nervous. Fortunately, truck manufacturers have pondered the concerns that you might have the next time you shop for new semis. Here are three things that you can expect from future semi trucks, and how they can help your company. 1: Automated Driving If you are like most business owners, your worst nightmare might be fatigued or distracted drivers on the road alongside other motorists. In addition to accidents potentially delaying the delivery of your products, simple driver mistakes might mean personal injury lawsuits and a lot of...

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