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3 Things To Expect From Future Semi Trucks

Business owners everywhere rely heavily on semi trucks to help them to deliver their goods to customers around the country. However, it can be nerve-wracking and expensive to send a fleet of trucks out into the world. Semi accidents, driver complaints, and the cost of gas are enough to make any executive nervous. Fortunately, truck manufacturers have pondered the concerns that you might have the next time you shop for new semis. Here are three things that you can expect from future semi trucks, and how they can help your company.

1: Automated Driving

If you are like most business owners, your worst nightmare might be fatigued or distracted drivers on the road alongside other motorists. In addition to accidents potentially delaying the delivery of your products, simple driver mistakes might mean personal injury lawsuits and a lot of bad publicity. Fortunately, future semi trucks will probably drive themselves.

Semi prototypes shown at the most recent International Motor Show boasted a comprehensive GPS tracking system, loads of cameras that read and interpret the truck’s surroundings, and radar sensors to keep track of passing cars and unexpected impact. These systems will work in conjunction with an autopilot-driving program, which will be monitored by a real-life person who can take control if they need to.

Automated driving systems could potentially keep drivers from making serious driving mistakes. If they don’t see that quickly-approaching sports car that is in their blind spot, the truck’s camera system could spot it move out of the way. The integrated GPS system would allow the truck to slow for sharp curves or unexpected road changes, while giving you an accurate idea of what time that load should arrive at its destination.  

Believe it or not, German manufacturers are already testing these automated semi trucks in Europe. Although the future of automated driving hinges on government regulations, you might be able to see these trucks on the roads in the next ten years.

2: Improved Fuel Efficiency

One of the trickiest aspects of running any business is managing controllable expenses. Unfortunately, when it comes to moving freight, gas can get expensive. In fact, a single commercial truck can burn through more than $70,000 worth of fuel every year. When you multiply that cost by the fleet of trucks that you need to send out your products, the expense can be positively staggering.

Fortunately, the future of trucking fuel economy looks bright and beautiful. With the help of aerodynamically shaped rigs, wheel covers, and hybrid engines, newer semi trucks are already capable of getting nearly double the gas mileage that they once did. Future designs might also be able to interpret road and weather conditions to more efficiently use power, which could potentially save even more money on gas.

Not only would more fuel efficient trucks reduce freight costs for businesses, but it would also keep more exhaust out of the air and potentially reduce the need for foreign oil.

3: Comfy Cabs

On average, long-haul truck drivers travel about 500 miles each day. If they are traveling at an average rate of 60 miles per hour, your valued employees might be forced to spend a little over eight hours straight doing nothing but driving. When truckers spend that much time inside of an enclosed space, comfort matters.

The great news for drivers, however, is that future cabs might be more luxurious than your average high-end sedan interior. In addition to replacing bulky controls and grimy shift knobs with sleek tablets, future semi cabs might incorporate smooth leather, shiny wood inlays, and reclining seats.

Because the autopilot program is designed to do most of the heavy lifting involved with driving, truckers might have the option of kicking back, monitoring the controls, and enjoying the scenery.

Future semi trucks might help to reduce your company liability, save you bundles in fuel costs, and keep your drivers happy while they are on the road. Check out sites like for trucks for sale near you.

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